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Under His Wings II
Christian Poetry


If you write poetry and would like to post it here, e-mail it to me, and I'll add it.  Thanks


The Bride of Christ


The bride is ready for her groom,

She's waiting in the dressing room.

The time has come to walk the isle,

She greets Him with a thankful smile.

The wedding feast is a splendid thing.

The brightest stone for the wedding ring.

The guests have arrived and anxiously wait,

To see her arrive at Heaven's gate.

The Lord has come to collect His bride.

The time has come for a wonderous ride.

To Heaven we go to join our King.

To Heaven we go, rejoice and sing.

In the blink of an eye we leave the behind,

The world of sin, the ties that bind.

Heaven offers the love of the Son.

Give Him your life and you will have won.

The battle is over, the kingdom proclaimed,

In the fathomless pit, satan is chained.

Jesus will reign over all the earth and above.

Give Him the praise he is worthy of.

By  Danielle M. Park  Copyright   May 9, 2004


"Love Letter"
You love me, so dearly Lord,
I know and learn this from your Word.
It tells me of the things you've done,
and the sacrifice, for us, of your Son.
You speak to me, and I hear,
your voice rings out, loud and clear.
I can learn of your awesome wonders,
how you created earth, it's clouds and thunder.
Your love so deep, cries out to me,
as I read, study, and start to see.
Present, past and future, your words are true,
and show me how to live for you.
Richard Anderson  Copyright 2002


As I sit in this hallowed hall,
filled with family, kin in Christ,
I wonder and am awe struck, and amazed,
to see so many loving people, full of His grace.
Different ages, different races, all God's kids,
no matter the generation, all ones who love Him,
this building, a church, but empty without Him,
is now overflowing, with praise to the King.
The stained glass, glisten in the sunlight,
the word of God being tought shines bright,
some dressed fancy, some in just jeans,
all here to recieve much love from their Lord.
Not the preachers words, or the songs sung,
but the spirit of God, which quickens the heart,
not the new instruments, or the songs so sweet,
but the praise of God, which makes us complete.
Richard Anderson  Copyright  2002


Blue Eyes Crying In The Snow
                           I was walking down a sidewalk one day
                           and I saw an old man sit down to pray.
                           His hair was white as the driven snow.
                           His beard falling graceously oh so low.
                           He wore an old hat to cover his head.
                           But he had no coat his face so red.
                           I stood in wonder of what he said.
                           How could this man be so terribly lead?
                           He raised his head and his blue eyes I see.
                           What happened to this man I wondered.
                           I stood there frozen my steps to ponder.
                           He was crying, tears ran fast but free.
                           I reach down into my coat pocket
                           and took out my favorite golden locket.
                           "I have no money to give you I said.
                           So,I will give you my golden locket instead".
                           The old man looked at me with a smile
                           "You are so kind, but you will do for a while.
                           I only stopped for a while to see,
                           Just how many people still really love me!"
                           I don't know what you are talking about.
                           He couldn't hear so I began to shout.
                           "Can't you see, Child who I really am?"
                           No, I'm afraid I can't I said with a frown.
                           "My name is Jesus, the one in the book.
                           Haven't you ever took the time to look?"
                           His eyes watered and I watched as He cried.
                           It was then my conscious was pricked with pride.
                           I'm sorry Lord, I thought you were a myth.
                           Forgive me I cried, and I knelt down to kiss.
                           People think you are not really real you see,
                           And I'm afraid one of those people just happened to be me.
                           "Will you go and tell my children to come in?
                           I am almost ready and they are living in sin.
                           Go, and tell them I shall return
                           They have a choice of accepting me or they'll burn."
                           I could not hardly stand near this awesome person.
                           I couldn't believe this man was the Most High One.
                           "Go and tell them I'm coming soon.
                           I'm coming again some morning, night or noon."
                           I looked up to rest my hand upon his head.
                           But the old man who was crying was gone instead.
                           I stood there thinking about all he said.
                           Jesus the Christ is really NOT dead!
Sybil Shearin  Copyright  2002


"If We Can See, Hear, and Do"

If we can see, let us see,
The light that shines for you, and me.
If you can hear let us hear,
The coming of the Lord is near.

If you can do, let us do,
Tell about God's words so true,
Tell about Lord Jesus too,
How He died for me, and you.

If we can see, let us see,
What a new creature in Christ we'll be.
If we can hear, let us hear,
God holds His children, all so dear.

If we can see, hear, and do,
And know God can save you,
To walk in a new life today,
All your sins just die away.

If we can see, let us see,
That light that shines for you, and me,
If we can hear let us hear
The coming of the Lord is near.
Ernestine Tebo Copyright  2001


"I'm Free"

My life, no longer filled with despair,
now I know, my Lord, you truly care.
You filled my life with such sweet love,
raining down, from you, above.

You fill my life with all your wonders,
and willingly forgive all my blunders.
I don't know how I've lived without you,
no matter the trial, you brought me through.

I thank you Lord for your sacrifice,
how for my sins you payed the price.
My debt of sin, you have taken,
my love for you cannot be shaken.

You're truly worthy of all praise,
I thank you for all, from day to day.
Your praises I shall continually shout,
until we meet, face to face, in the clouds.

Richard Anderson    Copyright 2002 



Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If you are my friend, please answer me this:
Are we friends, or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true,
So I can say "I'm here for you."
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the one I won't forget.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to Heaven and wait for you,
I'll give the angels back their wings
And risk the loss of everything.
There isn't a thing I wouldn't do,
To have a friend just like you!
Jewel Brown  Copyright   2002


"A Small Voice"
A still small voice speaking
breaking the silence of the night
A little candle burning
lighting up a path that's right.

Even in our deepest sleep
He calls for us to awake
Even when we're trapped in darkness
with everything in life at stake.

That little voice calls for us
to find our strength in Hm
That little light is shining
for us to walk away from sin.

When there's evil all aroung us
in the darkest of the night.
God's voice is the candle
a way out that's burning bright.

His small voice is still speaking
calling for us to awaken
because it's when we sleep in Him
that our faith is surley shaken.

Angie Mcallister   Copyright 2002


"He Is"
I am because He is, and He is forevermore,
He is my King, my Lord, He brings me joy.
He loves me even more, so much more every day,
I stand on the truth that His love never goes away.
Brought me out of sin and shame, gave me peace within,
No matter how life goes, I'm glad 'cuz I'm with Him.
Now my life is His, and it is in His holy hands,
It's my desire to live everday as His Word commands.
He reminds me of His love in everything I see,
He saved my soul, and know I know I'm free.
He let Himself be tortured, beaten, and hung on a tree,
And for our sins He died on the cross at Calvary.
He was dead and buried, but He rose again, on the third day,
He promised He'd never forsake me, leave me, or go away.
Always there by my side, He walks with me always,
Hides me under His wings, in His secure embrace, I stay.
Everything I need, He gives me and that abundantly,
Nothing to great I can ask, for He's the highest King.
Now He lives in me, I'm in His family, a son of the Most High,
He's the one true King, Lord of everything, lift your hands to the sky.
He's God Almighty, the Creator of all, who reigns from His throne,
But He's coming again, soon it'll be time for the faithful to go home.
So you better be ready, because He's coming soon, to gather us up,
To take all His dear children to paradise, with Him to sup.
Richard Anderson Copyright  2002


"The Aisle"
They said that He would save me
if I would only trust in Him.'
They said that He would cleanse me
if I'd repent of my sins.
But deep within my heart.
I find that I'm so scared 
bound by chains of fear and hurt
I thought that no one cared.
They said He bore the sins of man
when the nails went through His feet.
They said He loved us more than life
When He walked the hill of Calvary.
My legs are a bit shaky
I clench my teeth and grip my seat.
My heart wants to walk the aisle
but my mind controls my feet.
They said I must go when He calls,
I can hear Him calling now
He is saying " child come to me
and lay those burdens down."
Angie McAllister  Copyright 2002


"Our Hearts Door"
Oh!You can not have two masters, the word of God is true.
But a fervent prayer from a righteous guy, god can, and does hear you.
God knows our heart,and how we feel, He knows if we are true.
We can not hide our sins from Him, yet He can blot them out for you.

God knows if we are truthful, or if we abide in sin.
He knows our all, and every thought.
And what we think of Him.

He knows us from the very start, He knows our ups, and downs.
He knows us when we smile, and when we wear a frown.
He knows us when we do repent, and when we follow Him.
You see Jesus is knocking, won't you let Him in...     
Ernestine J. Tebo   Copyright  2002


"Abba Father"

Jesus, lover of my soul, the only one who could make me whole
 I put my trust in you alone, for You reign upon the throne
 I love you my Lord, for you first loved me, I gave you my life, now I'm free.

 I will always serve you alone my King, for you are worthy, to you I sing,
 My Lord, and my Guide, you are there by my side,
 always near to me, my protector and sheild, always dear I never fear.

 Oh so forgiving, wiping away the stains, I'll love you my Lord, whether shackled or chained,
 For your throne is high and lifted up, my creator my King, my everything,
 and I will always praise your name, you are the same, you never change.
Richard Anderson Copyright  2002


What will be the balance of my account?
When the books are opened,
How will my life measure up?
A lifetime of sin,
filled with hatred within,
all the hurtful words spoken,
relationships now ruined and broken.
So large my debt, so much I owe,
what can erase the sins I sow,
so many bad things done,
not my good deads, none.
As I step forward, I see my bill,
I notice something, but walk forward still,
at the bottom of the page, in life's book,
signed in blood, "Paid", my Lord, the debt He took.
Richard Anderson   Copyright   2002


Amazing grace
It saved my soul.
It brought me forth,
It made me whole.
Amazing grace
from which I fell
Standing proud
I could not tell.
The robe now stained
with drops of red
Through grace I see
the tears He shed.
Amazing grace
caused me to fall
down on my knees today,
caused me to beg
forgiveness for
my unworthy ways.
Amazing grace
That covers me
Cleanse me with your drops of red.
Wash me with the tears you shed.
Angie McAllister  Copyright  2002